CBD for Pets
by PetMojo

Because your four-legged friends deserve to be happy, healthy & comfortable.

The Power of Hemp Oil.
The Convenience of an App.

Cats and dogs can take CBD oil for the some of the same reasons that their humans do. Their endocannabinoid systems, according to all available research, are similar to humans. CBD oil for pets can be used for stress and healing. It’s great for long car rides when a pet may become anxious or at home waiting for you to return. For older pets or pets with joint pain Pet CBD is very helpful, as well as for a whole host of other reasons.

The Farm Bill, promoted the research and cultivation of industrial hemp and its extracts, such as cannabidiol, knowns as CBD oil. The Ninth Circuit in San Francisco said that the Farm Bill takes precedence over any other rulings or decrees put out by legislators concerning CBD oil.

It may seem tempting just give human designed CBD to your pet , but not the best idea. CBD oil for Pets, is specially designed for cats and dogs, for both their size and their body weight.

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